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Protect the planet and your budget with
alternative heating solutions

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Plan for the future

It’s no secret that our current levels of energy consumption are unsustainable. If consumption remains constant, it’s likely that our supplies of natural gas will run out completely in less than 55 years’ time. It therefore pays to start looking towards alternative methods of heating before we’re left in the cold.

Effective, unobtrusive solar panels can be
installed quickly and without fuss.

Kind to your budget

Alongside the environmental benefits, installing solar panels as an alternative method of heating can drastically reduce your energy bills. Generating your own power can save in excess of £200 per year on your energy bills, not to mention the fact that you can sell any surplus energy back to the National Grid for a healthy profit.

Versatile applications

Alternative heating solutions, such as solar panels, are incredibly adaptable and are able to be installed almost anywhere. Slim solar plates can be installed both on top of and within all pitched and flat roofs giving you choice regarding their location. They’re also fully compatible with all open-vent and sealed system boilers and immersion heaters. Plus, if you’d rather keep the panels off your property itself, we can even install them in your garden!

Reduce your carbon footprint and slash your energy

bills in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.

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